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Etihad Australia Skypass

Fares in USD / One-Way
zzgl. Steuern & Gebühren

Economy Premium
Zone 1 59 269
Zone 2 89 359
Zone 3 169 469
Zone 4 189 599


Zone 1 - Australia Domestic Alle Strecken auch v.v. anwendbar  
Adelaide - Canberra/Melbourne
Brisbane - Hamilton Island/Mackay/Newcastle/Port Macquarie/Rockhampton/Sydney
Canberra - Hobart/Melbourne/Sydney
Coffs Harbour - Sydney
Cairns - Townsville
Melbourne - Hobart/Launceston/Mildura/Sydney
Sydney - Ballina/Gol Coast/Hervey Bay/Sunshine Coast/Port Macquarie
Sydney - Ballina Sydney - Brisbane
Zone 2 - Australia Domestic    
Adelaide - Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sydney
Brisbane - Cairns/Canberra/Emerald/Gladstone/Hobart/Melbourne/Townsville//Whitsunday Coast
Canberra - Townsville
Coffs Harbour - Melbourne Melbourne - Gold Coast/Marcoola/Newcastle Perth - Broom/Karratha/Newman/Port Hedland
Sydney-Hamilton Island/Hobart/Launceston/Mackay/Rockhampton/Townsville

Zone 2 - New Zealand Domestic    
Auckland - Christchurch/Dunedin/Queenstown/Wellington Christchurch - Dunedin/Queenstown/Wellington
Wellington - /Dunedin/Queenstown
Zone 3 - Australia Domestic    
Adelaide - Broom/Perth
Ayers Rock - Sydney
Brisbane - Darwin/Hayman Island/Mount Isa/Perth
Cairns - Melbourne
Darwin - Melbourne/Perth/Sydney
Hayman Island - Sydney
Zone 3 - Trans Tasman    
Auckland - Brisbane/Gold Coast/Melbourne/Sydney
Brisbane - Christchurch/Dunedin/Hamilton/Queenstown/Wellington Canberra - Gold Coast
Christchurch - Melbourne/Sydney
Melbourne - Queenstown/Wellington
Sydney - Darwin/ Queenstown/Rotorua/Wellington
Zone 4 - Pacific Islands    
Auckland - Api/Nadi/Noumea/Nuku'alofa/Port Vila/Rarotonga
Brisbane - Honiara/Nadi/Port Moresby/Port vila
Melbourne - Nadi
Sydney - Nadi/Nuku'alofa


Terms and conditions

Etihad's Australia-New Zealand Skypass is only valid in conjunction with travel on any Etihad flight number (EY operated or marketed) to Australia/New Zealand.

- SkyPass must be purchased simultaneously with an Etihad fare to Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands.

- SkyPass sectors are valid for travel only on Etihad Codeshare flight numbers operated by Virgin AUSTRALIA or Air New Zealand.

- 10 SkyPass vouchers may be issued in conjunction with an Etihad Airways international ticket.

- The validity of the SkyPass and period of stay of the holder will be determined by the validity of the international ticket.

- Fares exclude applicable surcharges fees and taxes which will be calculated and added to the SkyPass fare at the time of ticketing.

- Date and routing changes permitted free of charge at any time (local service fee may apply).

- SkyPass can only be purchased prior to arrival in Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands, at local Etihad Airways offices or appointed Travel Agents.

- The SkyPass must be issued in conjunction with an international airfare to Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands, purchased outside of Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands.

- The SkyPass is not valid for travel after the completion of the international ticket.

- The prices quoted are in USD for a one-way journey on a vice versa basis and will be converted to the local currency where the international ticket is being issued.

- Rates are subject to availability of seats at the time of booking.

- All fares and information are subject to change without notice.

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