Alaska-/Horizon-Air Pass


The Air Pass fares shown apply per flight.

Fares are based on applicable zones and seasons.

A connection using two different flight numbers requires two Air Passes.

Through-flight service with the same flight numbers between state of Alaska and Washington DC, Boston, Miami, Orlando, Newark requires purchase of an Air Pass from Alaska to the Western U.S. city and a second Air Pass from the Western U.S. city to the East Coast destination.



Prices listed are for base fares only.

Traveler is responsible for the following taxes and fees, as applicable: Airport Passenger Facility Charges of up to $9.00 (amount depends on itinerary), U.S. Security Fee of $2.50 per enplanement. Additionally to Canada: U.S. Immigration User Fee of $7, U.S. APHIS Fee of $5.00, Canadian Airport Improvement Fee up to $21.00 (varies by airport), Canadian Security Fee of $9 (fluctuates with exchange rate), and Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST) of less than $2 (varies by airport). Additionally To Mexico: U.S. Immigration User Fee of $7.00, U.S. APHIS fee of $5.00, U.S. International Transportation tax of $32.20, Mexico International Departure tax of up to $33.00, Mexico tourism tax of up to $24.00, Mexico Transportation Tax of up to $7.00 (all three fluctuate with dollar-peso exchange rate). All taxes and fees are shown in U.S. dollars (USD) and are based on roundtrip travel. Additional U.S. taxes may apply to itineraries involving a U.S. stopover of more than 12 hours duration. Airpass coupon travel which begins in Mexico or Canada may result in additional taxes.


Applies on Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air operated flight series 1-999 and 2000-2999.

Applies to passengers who reside and originate travel outside USA, Canada and Mexico. Proof of residence and point of origin and final destination is required.

The following information must appear in the Endorsement box-Valid on AS/QX only/international ticket no./date.


No minimum stay.

All travel must be completed within 60 days after travel begins in North America or within 120 days after arrival in North America, whichever occurs first.


 Book through your GDS.

Reservations must be made in K/L/Q/H class as indicated.

Fares are subject to availability, reservations must be confirmed prior to, or at time of ticketing.


Waitlists-not permitted.


Ticketed on AS stock in UK, Australia & Germany

Ticketed on DL Stock in Japan

Minimum number of Air Passes - 2

Maximum number of Air Passes - 9

Fare basis code - KSEENA, LSEENA, QSEENA or HSEENA.

Tickets must be issued on a predetermined routing before arrival in North America. No additional Air Passes can be issued in North America.

All Air Passes must show - "Valid only on Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air flight series 1-999 OR 2000-2999."

Reservations must be confirmed prior to ticketing.


A US $100 reissue charge will apply.

Passenger will not be rerouted via the services of other airlines or via services other than Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air operated flight series 1-999 or 2000-2999.

The following co-terminal cities will be considered interchangeable for no additional charge:
1) Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento
2) Burbank, Los Angeles, Ontario, Orange County, Long Beach

For re-routing or date changes, $ 100 re-issue charge applies/additional collection and taxes may also apply.

After arrival in North America, any changes must be made by the International Desk.


 A US $ 100 reissue charge will apply.

If a schedule change results in the discontinuance of a direct or single-plane service, the ticket may be reissued at any AS office without a service charge in order to provide the additional Air Pass.


Completely unused tickets-full refund less a $100 charge.

Partially used tickets are non-refundable

Lost or stolen tickets are not replaceable.


Child, Senior Citizen, Tour Conductor discounts will not apply to this fare.


Frequent Flyer mileage credit is allowed.


Valid through 12/31/10 (subject to change).


Low $119 (K) USD High $169 (L) per Air Pass - direct flight within state of Alaska (except Adak, Prudhoe Bay & Dutch Harbor)
Low $199 (K) USD High $299 (Q) per Air Pass - direct flight between Western U.S. cities* & Alaska

Low $119 (K) USD High $169 (L) per Air Pass - direct flight between Western U.S. cities* & Canada
Low $129 (K) USD High $199 (L) per Air Pass - direct flight within Western U.S.*
Low $149 (K) USD High $219 (L) per Air Pass - direct flight between Western U.S. cities* & Mexico
Low $199 (L) USD High $299 (H) per Air Pass - direct flight between Seattle/Portland/Oakland and Hawaiian Islands
Low $299 (L) USD High $399 (H) per Air Pass - direct flight between Anchorage & Hawaiian Islands
Low $209 (K) USD High $309 (Q) per Air Pass - direct flight between:
Anchorage/Fairbanks – Chicago
Seattle/Los Angeles – Washington D.C.
Seattle/Portland – Boston
Seattle – Miami, Seattle – Orlando, Seattle – Newark, Seattle – Chicago
*Includes Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston and Minneapolis

Low Season 9/1/10 - 5/31/10 (Subject to change)

High Season 6/1/10 - 8/31/10


On automated Hahn Air (HR/169) BSP/ARC e-tickets - applicable worldwide with the exception of the following countries: 
Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Russia, United States


Group bookings are not available.

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